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If you are a FREEDOM FARMERS customer then register here so we  can apply the Freedom Farmers rewards and discounts to your account.

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Your address details are not mandatory, however in order for us to ship product to you they need to be filled in prior to your first order.

Please do not purchase anything from the website until you receive registration email from the Natural Yield shop address.  When you receive this email it means your account as been created with the Freedom Farmers discounts.



Natural Yield and Freedom Farmers are collaborating in Australia & New Zealand

Natural Yield is thrilled to be working with Freedom Farmers to help Australians and New Zealanders grow their own food and achieve self-reliance.

Freedom Farmers is an online community that offers a wide range of courses, including the industry-leading “Start a Microgreens Business from Scratch” course taught by Jonah Krochmalnek.

How does Natural Yield help?

Freedom Farmers’ courses include exclusive discounts on their expert-recommended supplies. If you are in Australia or New Zealand (or for that matter Oceania), you too can benefit from these perks–thanks to our distribution to the region!

Click here to sign up for the “Start a Microgreens Business from Scratch” course and save 10% on all purchases made through Natural Yield!