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Natural Yield is excited to extend our range of supplies and opportunities for our microgreen grower customers.  There is a lot of overlap between Microgreen Growing, Hydroponics and more traditional forms of growing!  Natural Yield has been operating hydroponics operations for many years, so we are happy to bring this new range of hydroponic equipment to our store and to help you expand opportunities in your own businesses.

For Microgreen Growers:

  • media (substrates) will have both coir and soil options
  • more grow lights
  • nutrients
  • harvesting equipment
  • ventilation and dehumidifiers

This page will be populated with all products in the hydroponic categories by November, as we are progressively adding them right now!


Controls (8)

Electrical (2)

Environmental (13)

Grow Lights (3)

Grow Tents (3)

Harvesting Equipment (1)

Measuring Equipment (14)

Plumbing and Tubing (1)

Substrates (14)