Fresh Microgreens are an excellent option for garnishes, side dishes & green juices.

Fresh Microgreens for your food business can be delivered either Harvested and packed (convenient for high-usage salad and sandwich bar requirements) or Uncut and in-grow trays, which are more suitable for harvesting when you want. We can supply any amount regularly once we know what you want and how often for your café & restaurants business.

We generally cannot cater to ad-hoc, immediate ("I need it now!") orders as we plant and grow specifically for each order to ensure freshness and no waste.

Natural Yield can organize delivery times to suit your schedule. Pricing is based on the volume of the order.

The easiest way to work out how we can help you is to contact us via the chat button on this page.

We're Proudly Australian

Vegan | Natural Yield

100% Vegan

Our Micro-greens are 100% vegetarian plants which could be used in garnishing, juice & side dishes.

Natural | Natural Yield

100% Natural

Our Micro-greens are grown in as natural a way as possible without the use of synthetic compounds or additives.

Healthy Eating | Natural Yield

100% Healthy

Our Micro-greens are packed with nutrients including vitamin K & fibre, proteins, iron and more nutrition which makes them 100% healthy.

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Our Dedicated Support & Custom Plans For
Café & Restaurants​

We support businesses with our dedicated scheduled deliveries & custom plans, and subscriptions. That means businesses like yours always have micro-green stocks to support your orders.

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