Health Professionals - Dietician, Nutritionist, Naturopath

Natural Yield caters to health professionals. If you are a dietician, nutritionist, or naturopath, register your business and let us know how we can help you. Read on for the benefits!

Natural Yields Potent Powder range are single-ingredient freeze-dried microgreen powders grown, freeze-dried, milled, and packed by Natural Yield in Australia, with Australian ingredients.

Natural Yield will cater to your specific requirements by offering single-ingredient powders and, under your instruction, will create custom blends, enabling you to target the specific solution for your clients.

As microgreens are nutrient dense, they provide natural alternatives to artificial supplements and medications.

Under the guidance of qualified health professionals, microgreens can be an important factor in increasing immunity and fighting conditions including cancer, macular degeneration, high blood-pressure and diabetes.

Microgreens are packed with nutrients including vitamin K & fibre, proteins and iron which helps manage high blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack with other health benefits including detoxifying the body and fighting inflammation and cancers.

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