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We liked the idea of Microgreens because of the advantages they offer such as the density and diversity of nutrients they provide compared to their adult versions – we love adult vegetables as well though!

In a world where we have to question the real nutritional value of food we buy from stores, we wanted to ensure we knew what we were eating, where it came from, and be confident in its nutritional value.

Side note - it concerns us greatly that Australia imports too much of everything and thus we support the principle of localisation vs globalisation for food sustainability.

While our focus is on Microgreens right now, Natural Yield intends on offering a range of other natural products in the future. Some of these products will come from our scaled-up hydroponics operations as well as through other local producers.

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Local Matters

Natural Yield is a family run business running from Shailer Park, 25 minutes south of Brisbane.

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Our Background

We have been using Hydroponics for many years for our own family and friends, and last year branched out into Microgreens.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow and deliver high quality, natural products that are packed with nutrients and improve your health.

Our tagline “Nutrients Delivered Naturally!” sums up one of our goals which is to encourage people, as a first choice, to get nutrients the way nature packaged them. Supplements from a bottle or tablet should be the choice of last resort.

Our Approach To Freshness

If you live in our delivery areas of Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and Redland Bay, then you can be sure that when you buy from Natural Yield that the product is grown locally, harvested on the day we deliver, and taken care of all the way to your doorstep. Contrast that to what you buy in a big brand retail store, take look at the packaging to see where it comes from. We are seeing baby leaf greens come all the way from Victoria!

Folks, nutrients are best served fresh!

Natural Yield’s commitment to you is to do our level-best to help you give your family (or your customers) the freshest, healthiest Microgreens.