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We're passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality microgreen seeds for your needs. Our selection of microgreen seeds is carefully curated to ensure you get the freshest, healthiest seeds available.

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Why Choose Natural Yield Microgreen Seeds?

At Natural Yield Seeds, we believe that microgreens are more than just a trendy food item – they're a way to nourish your body and enhance your health.

That's why we're committed to providing you with the freshest, most nutrient-dense seeds possible.

Here are just a few reasons to choose Natural Yield Seeds:

  • Freshness: All of our seeds are sourced from reputable growers and shipped directly to you, ensuring maximum freshness and quality.
  • Health Benefits: Microgreens are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a great addition to any diet.
  • Easy to Grow: Our seeds are easy to grow and require minimal space and equipment, making them a great choice for gardeners of all skill levels.
  • Wide Selection: We offer a wide variety of microgreen seeds, so you can find something that suits your tastes and preferences.
  • Support: As growers of microgreens ourselves, you can lean on us for help and advice


Beetroot Microgreen (Bull’s Blood) Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY97415

Beetroot Microgreen (Ruby Queen) Seeds

Out of stock

SKU: NY67938

Broccoli Microgreen Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY25839

Colour Mix Chard Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY37753

Coriander Microgreen Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY55965

Cress Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY58212

Green Cabbage Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY79675

Kale Black Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY22443

Kale Red Russian Microgreen Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY98952

Kohlrabi Purple Microgreen Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY11184

Lemon Balm Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY59943

Mixed Radish Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY33444

Mung Bean Seeds

Out of stock

SKU: e0fd3ee252d2

Mustard Green Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY22443-1

Onion White Microgreen Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY42388

Pea Microgreen Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY95836

Purple Radish Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY34199

Radish Daikon Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY93115

Red Amaranth Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY37229

Red Cabbage Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY71272

Red Veined Sorrel Microgreen Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY59232

Rocket Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY37228

Ruby Chard Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY57143

Salad Mix Microgreen Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY18487

Sunflower Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY36748

Tatsoi Vegetable Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY88249

Wheatgrass Microgreen Seeds

In stock

SKU: NY96581

What Sets Us Apart?

At Natural Yield Seeds, we're not just a seed company – we're a community of passionate growers who are dedicated to promoting healthy, sustainable living. We believe that microgreens are an essential part of a healthy diet, and we're committed to helping our customers grow and enjoy their own microgreens at home.

When you choose Natural Yield Seeds, you're not just getting high-quality seeds – you're joining a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about health, sustainability, and gardening.

So why wait? Start exploring our selection of microgreen seeds today and take the first step towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Check out our Microgreen Kits and Sprout Kits and receive sample packs of seeds to get you started quickly!