Microgreen Grow Lights

The following grow lights have been selected for their suitability for growing microgreens. 

LED lights that are suitable for multi-shelf racks that provide coverage for 4 x 1020 microgreen trays per 120cm shelf (note the exception of the 2ft pack which is designed for small kits).

While, ideally, light would be provided entirely by the sun, the reality is that if you are growing microgreens indoors it is entirely likely that you will need to provide supplemental light to ensure consistent growth.  Even in outdoor situations, light is not always assured to provide consistency.  Seasonality in different parts of the world can be extreme, and even on a day-by-day basis sunlight is variable based on weather conditions.

Growing indoors may be a decision made to control other variables such as temperature, humidity and pest-control.  Certainly in a commercial operation you need to be able to control as many variables as you can in order to ensure consistent quality and delivery to your customers.

Natural Yield uses the grow lights in our own microgreen grow operations that we provide in this store.  While needs can vary plant-by-plant (particularly past the microgreen stage of growth), the microgreen grow lights listed here are suitable for ~99% of microgreen crops.

Beyond the microgreen stage of growth, other lights may be more suitable, and these lights will be also listed further on the page.  Please contact us if you need guidance on lights suitable for your application.

Grow Lights

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