Potent Powders Are Single-Ingredient, Freeze-Dried, Stone-Milled Microgreens

We produce single-ingredient powders so that you know exactly what is in it.  Many vendors will blend powders to either 'fill' out the product with cheaper ingredients, or because the have made a decision for you about what mix you need.

Single-ingredient powders give you the ability to choose exactly what you are getting.  This is particularly important if you are targeting specific health conditions and trying to avoid the side effects of others.  For example, some people are sensitive to pea, so why would we mix it with broccoli if its the broccoli that you need?

We freeze-dry powders instead of dehydrating them.  Dehydration, because it is performed through heating, damages the plants and reduces the nutrients available.  Freeze-drying has a very high nutrient retention rate.

We mill the freeze dried microgreens into powder using slow ceramic stone mills, rather than high speed blade processing.  Blade processing introduces heat and oxidization into the powder, which again reduces the nutrients available.

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