6500K Grow Light | 30W | 120CM | LED Tube

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Techplex Veg LED Grow Lights are 4ft (120cm) long with a 6500k colour temperature. Suitable for growing microgreens, leafy vegetables, herbs, indoor plants and mushrooms, as well as cloning and vegetation.


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Description - About Product

LED Grow Lights are 4ft (120cm) long with a 6500k colour temperature.

Suitable for growing microgreens, leafy vegetables, herbs, indoor plants and mushrooms, as well as cloning and vegetation.

Elevate Your Indoor Gardening Experience with TechPlex 6500K Grow Light

Experience the power of high-quality lighting with our TechPlex 6500K Grow Light. Designed to provide optimal conditions for your indoor plants, vegetables, and herbs, these grow lights are the best choice for cultivating a thriving garden. Emitting a vibrant blue spectrum, the 6500K colour temperature promotes robust and healthy plant development.

Experience the remarkable performance of our 6500K LED grow lights

With the perfect balance of light, your plants will thrive and flourish in any indoor setting. Watch them reach their full potential and enjoy the rewards of a bountiful garden.

Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Our LED grow lights are not only effective but also eco-conscious. Consuming a mere 30W of electricity, they significantly reduce energy costs while minimising environmental impact. By choosing TechPlex, you are making a smart investment in both your garden and the planet.

Daisy Chain Functionality

Simplify your setup with our innovative daisy chain feature. Our 1m linking cables allow for effortless connection of up to 10 LED tubes, eliminating clutter and streamlining the installation of your grow lights. Enjoy a clean and organized indoor garden setup.

Included in the Package

  • 1 x 4-foot (120cm) LED tube light
  • 1 x 1m power cable with an Australian plug
  • 2 x Mounting Clips
  • 2 x Screws
  • 2 x Wall anchors

To access comprehensive technical information and specifications, please refer to the 6500k LED Grow Light Data Sheet.

Discover Chalet Boutique’s Success Story

Our valued client, Chalet Boutique in Tasmania, has harnessed the power of TechPlex 6500K LED Grow Lights to create an exquisite range of indoor plants. Witness her success story and explore the stunning plants she has cultivated using our superior lighting technology. Visit Chalet Boutique and let us help you transform your space into a vibrant green oasis.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Indoor Garden

Revolutionise your indoor gardening experience with TechPlex 6500K LED Grow Lights. Experience the difference and witness the remarkable growth of your plants. Don’t miss out on the benefits of our advanced 6500K grow light technology.

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