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Why Natural Yield is BETTER than Amazon

Natural Yield Values You

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!  We think you will find it revealing and valuable when it comes to your buying choice. We value our customers and work hard to give you a quality experience and great value.  If you wish to talk to me personally I welcome it!  If you contact us via any of our contact points the likelihood it is me who you will get through to.  Thanks again - Jeremy Trevatt, Managing Director and "chief bottle-washer"


Practical Reasons why Natural Yield is Better than Amazon for Microgreens Growers

We understand that Amazon may seem to be a easy option for purchasing, and we do believe in providing customers with choices and healthy competition. Recently, Amazon has started to ship Bootstrap Farmer products from their US store to Australia.

This, naturally could impact our business. Even though Amazon doesn't match Natural Yield on many fronts, we understand you will consider them. We should also note that Natural Yield does have a store on Amazon so we don't miss out on customers who make Amazon their first choice for shopping.

However, that said here are some reasons to buy from Natural Yield instead of Amazon:

While we don't use Amazons pricing as our guide, our pricing generally matches or betters Amazon in both product and delivery price. And you can talk to us about pricing for large orders. We can prepare something for you that considers your value as a customer.

We Talk to You 

  • You can actually talk to us! (via phone, website chat or email).
    Amazon has no live support. - Do you think Amazon cares about you, the customer? Apparently not, because it is almost impossible to talk to a human there
    When you phone us you are talking to people that are actually interested in your success (and are probably an owner, microgren farmer, and product experts).
  • We are willing to be creative, helpful, and solve problems on the spot rather than block you with policies and frustrating button clicking.

Refund and Returns
Unlike Amazon we will offer returns or refunds if you are not happy. Your success is our success.

Product Knowledge

  • We actually use and know the products we are selling. So, we can help you buy the right products and give advice on how to use them
  • Amazon relies on bestsellers and (often fake) reviews. We give you our opinion and advice from actual product knowledge.
  • Amazon product descriptions are notoriously inaccurate, which is another sign they don't care about quality or the custom

Product Breadth
We are not just focused on the big moving items, but also the niche products. If you have a request for a product we will source it for you.

Personal Reasons Why You Might Consider Natural Yield The Better Choice

Here are some more personal reasons we hope you consider when deciding to use Natural Yield over Amazon:

  • We are Australian (Family) Owned. Our revenue pays Australian taxes, and supports Australian workers. Our revenue don't support a big US company and their sharehholders. If you get the impression we are a big business, we are not!
  • We are Microgreen Growers.  As a family business we work hard to give our customers a good experience on the website (which looks pretty great!), but as owners of the business we do everything from growing, harvesting, packing orders, delivery, customer service and website updates. If you phone our 1300 number you will get through to an owner.
  • Community
    We are actively involved in the microgreen community and support groups.  We give our advice freely and generously
  • Amazon, by and large, hurts small businesses. Unlike Amazon, Natural Yield has invested a lot of money and time in our Bootstrap Farmer relationship. It is not just a tiny part of our business... it is most of our business!
  • Amazon will do "price dumping" if it doesn't look to turn a profit. This harms legitimate small businesses.   We are always looking for genuine opportunities to offer good prices.
  • Amazon has a bad employer reputation (https://www.businessinsider.com/the-worst-parts-about-working-at-amazon-according-to-employees-2015-8). A company that doesn't show its own employees respect is not a company that deserves our money
  • Amazon is focused on growth rather than profit (https://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-q2-earnings-2017-7) instead of promoting a healthy and fair eco-system, they damage it

Respect of Privacy
Unlike Amazon we allow you to checkout as a guest. While it does make it easy to support repeat customers if they are registered with us, we respect your privacy

Loyalty and Rewards
While we do have loyalty program that rewards with discounts and points, true loyalty lies in how we treat and respect you. We want to support you in getting success, whether you are just growing for your family or you are running a commercial grow operation