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Microgreens bring zing to summer Salads

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Summer has arrived in Australia, so now is a great time to think about creating interesting salads. Microgreens are happy to be either the star or the supporting act in salads. Here are some ideas to get you started!

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Vegan burger with beetroot cutlet and microgreens.Salad with tomato, cucumber, vegetables, microgreen radishes in plate shape of heart. Vegan and healthy eating.Healthy dinner plate full of different kinds of microgreens and nuts
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Healthy sandwiches with cream cheese , microgreens, tomatoes and cucumber. Healthy eating, diet food, vegan food, healthy breakfastDelicious lunch with salad and fried char, healthy red fish and microgreens with cherry tomatoes.Salad with avocado and microgreens. Flower dogrose as decoration.
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Assorted Asian spring rolls with vegetable and lettuce.Bruschetta with feta cheese and pomegranate seeds. Healthy vegetarian sandwiches at kitchen table with various vegetables bowls and greens.Middle eastern style Buddha bowl with green falafel, quinoa, butternut squash, tomatoes, avocado, beetroot hummus, micro greens and tahini sauce.