Dish Suggestions

Winter Warmer Soup

Pjqkorkc Wintersoupw | Natural Yield

The great thing about soups is that you can pretty much pillage the fridge and create something amazing.

We love good pumpkin soup.  I roast the pumpkin first and then blend it with coconut milk, spices and seasoning.  Add some radish, cress or dill for a bit of kick and flavour and you have a winner on your hands!  Add some croutons and garnish as you serve to add style and crunch.  Easy to prepare, full of goodness and can last for days!

Want a twist on the pea and ham soup?  Microgreen Pea sprouts (maybe with some broccoli and radish to round it out) will give you a great taste with the extra boost of microgreen nutrient density. 

Again, no need to cook it to death – just chop it as fine as you want and add it towards the end.