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Casseroles, Shepherds Pie, Pasties, Bolognese & Lasagne

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Casseroles, Shepherds Pie, Pasties, Bolognese and Lasagne

On many a family meal time we have successfully embedded entire bunches of spinach or silverbeet into a shepherd’s pie or lasagne!  Not only do greens blend (codeword for  “hide from the kids”) very well into these dishes, but they also have the added benefit of bulking out a meal. 

We also like to add our favourite microgreens as a background texture and flavour to the sauce (dill is a great one to add to the cheese sauce for example).  Try adding some broccoli or radish microgreen to the meat sauce to amp up the nutrient-dense flavours!  It’s a win-win for both health and taste.

Where possible, add the microgreens as late in the dish as possible, to preserve nutrients.