Do you want to get into the Microgreen business?

Natural Yield happily supplies our range grow products (Bootstrap Farmer, Microgreen Kits, LED Grow Lights) to help microgreen growers - whether you are in the suburb right next to us or in New Zealand!  Commercial Growers love the Bootstrap Farmer range of products, our LED Grow Lights, and our Seeds, and we love supporting your business.

Our commercial clients include:

  • Large Commercial Microgreen Growers who supply to the food service industry (commercial kitchens and food distributors) and directly to larger grocery stores
  • Small, home based commercial growers who typically service community markets, farmers markets, independently owned grocery stores and boutique shops
  • Lifestyle and experience style holiday (eg. glamping) businesses
  • Farms that provide a range of healthy products (like organic, grass fed beef and edible plants) to restaurants
  • Hotels and Resorts who maintain their own edible gardens for the kitchen

Commercial Pricing

Based on the wide spectrum of volume that commercial growers order from us we offer two different pricing models to support your circumstances.

  1. The Commercial Rewards Program is designed to help small growers with uncertain volume start up without committing to large volumes.  We provide tiered reward credits (starting at 5%) on every order you place (including the Healthy Living Market range) that accumulates for you to spend on subsequent orders.   
  2. The Commercial Pricing Program is designed for more established businesses where your volume is higher and more predictable.  It requires a minimum spend of $500 per month across our range of products (including the Healthy Living Market range).


After your initial purchase of equipment (racks, trays, and lights) your recurring costs are primarily seeds and growing medium.  We supply a great range of seeds that we offer to commercial growers at better rates than retail, and your initial equipment purchase gets you started collecting rewards credits straight away.

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